Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Never Ending CEO Bailout Debacle

Well, the people of Tennessee and the people of the United States told Washington that we were against TARP, the CEO Bailout Bill. They passed it anyway and we've been paying for it on a daily basis. The Representative of the 6th District voted for it twice, in both its long and longer versions.

In short, Congress made a mockery of the people and the people were confused, purposely by The Party. I'm not running against President Bush, nor against President Obama, but they were both part of the debacle. I'm not running for Senate nor did I think we had much of a choice in that race. In fact, there is only one member of our current delegation that I could fully endorse. There are others that I would fully oppose and still some that I would half-heartedly support.

But that's a different subject for a different day. Today, it's the TARP and the myriad of Economic Stimuli Packages we've witnessed. These are only getting worse by the day. The absolute power of the The Party (DNC) is producing horrible results of partisan hubris. The next package is snowballing into the greatest piece of pork ever witnessed.

Meanwhile, we are still learning of new excesses afforded by the DNC sponsored TARP/CEO Bailout Bill uniformly supported by the Democrats (minus one) and opposed by the Republican Representatives (minus one) of the State of Tennessee. None were voted out of office for their hubris. This video expresses the sentiment of many of our citizens:

Still, we must shake things up in 2010. We cannot afford the absolute power of The Party given them in 2008, and the "Blue Dog Democrats" have not presented the opposition needed to the out of control spending of the Far Left Leaders Pelosi, Frank, Murtha, Reid and Others we had hoped. Hope is all we have and it is being dashed on the rocks of voting records.

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