Monday, February 2, 2009

United Nations

My feelings on the United Nations are almost exclusively negative. It was a good concept hi-jacked by less than pure motivations. It pays the Professors of Corruption. It is an International Welfare system transferring finances from the richest Nations to the most corrupt poor Nations. It is a bed of spies inside our borders.

Having seen the UN in inaction, my views of it are solidified. But, there's an old saying:
"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

There can be no doubt that the United Nations is no friend of its host, the United States. In contrast, it is a leech, a parasite feeding on our Nation. It hides its contempt for us poorly. But the damage of that anti-American sentiment is held in check by our role on the Permanent Security Council.

There are many that say we should pull out of the UN and kick them out of the Nation. While I would like to see the UN move to Switzerland, pulling out of the UN and hence the Security Council would have a long term negative effect. The UN would not cease to exist and would be left unchecked to pass resolutions against us.

But the relationship between us and it needs revision in both perception and finance. Though I congratulate President Bush for reducing the UN Tax on the US (our annual dues), this needs to be reduced further. Simultaneously, since we continue to be the largest financial contributor, we need to exert greater influence over its programs, including the end of anti-American propaganda by it.

The body politic needs to embrace the reality that within our borders, the US Constitution, not the UN Charter is the highest law. Citizens, Politicians, and Nations need to realize that we are a sovereign nation, not a subordinate state to the UN. Unfortunately, many of our own politicians, principally those California Idealists and New York Elitists seem to think otherwise.

The UN is a voluntary membership body designed to avert wars by creating a global dialogue of Nations. In that role, it has had some successes and at least as many failures. But in its attempted growth into a supreme government over Nations, it has overstepped its bounds and we must reject its measures to inflict its will on US Sovereignity. That is best done from our current position on the Permanent Security Council.

But just as the USSR learned in the 1950's when they walked out, leaving the UN can have long term negative consequences. We can't afford to allow our opponents the bully pulpit of the UN unchecked, but we need to exert the power our financial role in it has paid for and we've not generally used.

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