Thursday, December 11, 2008

UAW Bailout - Technological Glitch

Rep. Gordon has a stellar record of being present for and active in votes. Hence it was a surprise that he was recorded absent for last night's vote (see the entry below this one). He has clarified the issue:

Rep. Bart Gordon, D-Murfreesboro, intended to vote for the bill but said his
vote was not recorded because of a technical glitch.

He seems to be confused about who Our Citizens work for. The Common Sense Citizens of Middle Tennessee have regularly rejected the UAW. We do not work for that Employment Corporation, because we understand that it strangles the industries that pay us.

He seems to believe that the Taxpayers of Tennessee should contribute to the $70k/year wages of the UAW in Michigan.

Here's an idea: If the UAW wants to salvage jobs, accept a pay and benefits package that allows the Big Three to compete. Before the UAW begs for money from the Good People of Gainsboro making on average, less than $40k/year, how about they share that $30k more a year they make with their fellow workers that would otherwise be laid off.

And what of the last bailout bill? We are now hearing the news: Banks that were forced to take Our Taxdollars (by the vote of Rep Gordon) are buying banks in China.

The UAW and Big 3 have already told us this is only their first round of begging for the Tax Dollars of Smyrna to prop up their wages and 95% Unemployment Benefits. They've already told us they'll be back to beg for more of Our Money.

State Governments are already getting in line to beg for loans from the loans of Congress that we must pay back with interest to China. Congress is implying that the Federal Government is better able to manage money than Corporations at the very time they are setting record deficits and record debts.

It is time to end this madness. It is time for Our Representatives to say NO to out of control spending, but it isn't their money. They don't mind borrowing more and spending more to keep their campaign dollars rolling in.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that it's time to get out of control spending stopped but denying a loan to the American auto companies and putting millions out of work or slashing wages and throwing more people out of their homes and hurting the economy more by limiting peoples spending ability is not the way. One thing we should do is stop supporting the states that take more money from the federal government than they pay in, such as Tennessee, especially when they take some of this money and give it to companies of foreign governments. In 2005 this came to $13 BILLION for Tennessee and from 1981 to 2005 over $160 BILLION, and this money was taken from states like Michigan. This has to stop and if these 'Welfare' states cannot support themselves they should go bankrupt and be reorganized. Look at the following link for these numbers:
People better wake up and start supporting American companies and jobs before they're gone. Look at the textile, shoe, clothing, TV and electronics, steel and now the car and furniture industries, going or gone. OF course, Tennessee could go and ask JAPAN for $13 Bilion a year, but I think I know what the answer would be.

TNTaylor said...

Anonymous from Florida: Banks are for borrowing money. Congress (the same ones that supported this) bailed out the Bank CEO's.

The UAW along with the Complicit CEO's have strangled the US Auto Industry. The Big 3 have the option of Chapter 11 and bridge loans from Banks.

They have bent us over a barrel for too long to support their excessive wages. Now they have blackmailed us with threats to stop buying from suppliers. They stopped anyway because their vehicles are still overpriced and they have overproduced.

The UAW has priced themselves out of the market.