Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Whose Money is it Anyway?

The fact is that the eyes of the Citizens of Cannon County glaze over when Congress talks about Billions and Trillions of dollars. It's hard for us to conceptualize that amount of money and numbers can be boring to all but IRS agents and Accountants.

It's boring talk but necessary. I apologize that I delve into the numbers as often as I do. We're not talking about Monopoly Money, no matter how casually our Politicians through it around, no matter how easily they choose to spend another few billion dollars.

But whose money is it? It is Ours! It is collected from us by the IRS. It does not belong to politicians. It is not taken solely from the people of Belle Meade. It is paid for with your purchases at the Gas Station, the Home Furnishings Store, and the Corner Store, even when you don't see it.

It is not just what you see taken out of your paycheck, but also the part your employer pays the Government rather than you before you see your paycheck. It is what you pay for your groceries so Kroger can pay their corporate taxes. It is what you pay for milk that is paid to the IRS rather than the dairy farmer.

Of course the government requires money to operate. We elect Representatives to responsibly decide how to spend our money. Instead, the California Idealists and the New York Elitists have chosen to earmark our money to reward their supporters. They do so with the backscratching support of Tennessee Politicians.

They've created a perception that this money belongs to someone else. They've marketed federal spending as free money, but the real goal is to create dependency and buy votes and finances for their campaigns.

Our government needs to get out of the business of non-profits, real estate ventures, and bad investments. The role of the government is not to act as United Way but to provide for a united defense. There is not an unlimited supply of money, not in our paychecks and not from our paychecks. The authorized debt of the taxpayer, i.e. the Federal Debt, cannot continue to be raised with the vote of our politician in support of his Chicago taskmasters.

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