Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Unrepentant UAW

The UAW was back on Capital Hill today, again telling of their terrible woes, how they can barely live on $70,000+/year and how they needed money from the Good people of Gainesboro to survive the economic hard times.

They attempted to be repentant. They promised to give up their $65,000+ unemployment checks if the Members of Murfreesboro will give up their tax dollars to support their lavish incomes.

They even said they'd let their employers pay their benefits checks late to their bloated Employment Corporation, the UAW, if the Taxpayers of Tennessee would simply donate more of our paychecks. They complained it was unfair for us to look at their bloated paychecks and benefits packages as a source of the problem, that their wages alone only caused 10% of the prices we pay on trucks we love.

Sorry, Detroit, I don't buy your new found sacrifices. I don't buy into your impoverished 70k/year pity party. No, I will not let you bend the taxpayers over the barrel as you have the American Consumer for decades. I know it's a bad economy up there. The UAW and your politicians have strangled it.

Your example is what we need to avoid, Detroit. We need a Common Sense Citizen, not a party loyalist as Our Representative. We need someone that represents Our People, not their Corporate Constituencies. Our Representative must say no to this nonsense. Our Citizens should not prop up the paychecks of overpaid workers in Detroit, even if their executives are smart enough to drive hybrids the second time round of their begging.

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