Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Education & Experience

There is no substitute for Experience. No amount of education can substitute for the knowledge gained from doing.

A truly enlightening time in my life was my experience in Africa. It taught me lessons on many subjects, including politics. I was able to see the ineffectiveness of the UN and the corruption of politicians in its raw state.

The complexities necessary to fool the educated people of the United States were not necessary and not used there. The people there placed trust in the educated elites and the elites used that trust to betray the people. Many well-meaning people of Europe and America were there to "help" these "poor, uneducated" people but their methods often made things worse, not better.

While they gave out food, they robbed the farmers of their income and while robbing the farmers of income, they robbed the land of its farms. The well-meaning Westerners stole the self-respect by creating an environment of begging, with "free."

When people do not earn but are given, they become dependent on the giver. When they lose their ability to earn, they lose their self-respect. "It is better to give than to receive." Giving empowers those that do and has the power to enslave those that receive.

Those well-meaning Westerners pitied the people of Africa but they did not respect them. They feared the people of Africa but did not listen to them. They threw cash out of the windows of their cars but would not shake the hands of Africans. They thought they were better than the people they were "helping."

A person is not better than another because of their education, their bank account, or their job. We each have a part in the Success of Our Nation. Our Farmers are important. Our Plumbers are important. Our Carpenters are important. And when it comes time to decide on Agriculture, it's a good idea to bring in Farmers for advice, not just a Harvard Law Graduate.

Our politicians continue to tell us that they want to help us. They tell us they will help us by spending the money we earn better than we can. They tell us they will help us by giving us "free" stuff paid for with our sweat. They tell us they know best the morals our children should learn. They tell us we need to be ruled by Chicago Politicians chosen by NY elitists paid for by California Celebrities. And they warn their members to get their shots before they come see us at NASCAR races.

So, the next time a politician offers you something for "free," ask them how expensive that really is. Ask them how many of your tax dollars it will take to pay the bureaucrats they'll pay before they give you back your "free" stuff. And when they claim it will only cost $4 per American for a $5 trinket, ask them how many Americans are paying how much and who gets the trinket. You'll often find that you are being asked to pay $4 for you and each member of your family while also adding interest to the debt and seeing an able but lazy man get a trinket for his vote.

We are supposed to have a Government of the People for the People, but we instead have entrenched Washington Insiders who think they can fool us. It is time to send some good old Tennessee Common Sense to Washington. It is time to send a Veteran to Congress that will call a plumber, not a lawyer, when the pipes are leaking.

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