Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans' Day

We have 58,010 Veterans in the 6th District. Hopefully every member of the District had an opportunity to demonstrate their gratitude to one or more of Our Veterans. I'm proud of the patriotism of Our District. I'm proud to know that when our Nation calls, Tennessee and Our District come through. I'm proud that we honor Our Veterans.

The Cannon Wire has done a great job of covering the celebrations: http://www.cannonwire.com/link.asp?smenu=68&twindow=&sdetail=723&mad=&wpage=1&skeyword=&sidate=

I remember walking into the Cannon County Courthouse for the first time and seeing the walls covered with pictures and lists of medals and accomplishments of Our Veterans. They've somehow managed to find more wallspace despite pictures so abundant that the frames are like wallpaper. The town square in Woodbury will always be special to me. They don't know me though they've seen me at my best and at my worst. They are to be commended for their friendly and helpful attitude.

Woodbury is the center of our State and the center of Our District. It is representative of Middle Tennessee: friendly, responsive, and caring. Our Civil Servants in the Cannon County Courthouse demonstrate the Southern Grace we are known for. Our Federal Bureacrats could learn a lot from them. If the VA were as gracious as are our civil servants in Cannon County are, there would be no complaints in our newspapers.

But today was a day to honor Our Veterans and many across the district did so. It was not just Woodbury. Shelbyville invites Veterans to their schools as well as do so many other schools, cities, and counties. My nieces and nephews have asked me to come many times.

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