Thursday, November 13, 2008


This Nation was built on Immigrants. The hardiest men and women of the world crossed the oceans to achieve great success in a Nation that limited their achievements only by their own imagination, hard work, and ambition. They proudly shed their former loyalties and embraced Our Nation, Our Language, & Our Ideals.

And it was Teddy Roosevelt who noted a rising issue: "There are no hyphenated Americans. You are either an American or you're not."

Our ancestors came to the Tennessee Valley to achieve even greater opportunity with less government interference and more self-determination.

The world of today is different than the day of Davy Crockett. We have, because of our great freedoms, become a highly successful Nation. Much of the world still desires to come to our shores. Today, we have an estimated 18-21 Million Illegal Immigrants in our Nation and The Party in Power is doing nothing to stem the flow, nothing to send them home. On the contrary, they seem to be doing everything to encourage more.

This is not a question of racism. These illegals may be primarily Hispanic, but also included are Europeans, Arabs, Asians & Africans and even Canadians. Many are hard working members of our workforce, but they are illegal.

Our immigration policy can not be enforced while we have no means to control who comes here. We should still welcome the best and brightest to our Nation. We should still welcome the ambitious that wish to pledge their allegiance to our freedoms and Our Nation, but we must be selective. We need not accept those that would do us harm nor those that wish to turn our Nation into their failed state.

Our immigration policy must be responsive to Our Needs. It should not allow for entire industries to be overtaken and put Americans on the unemployment rolls. When we have more workers than jobs, Immigration must be curtailed. When we have more jobs than Americans, we should be selective.

Illegal Immigration must be stopped before we can even have an immigration policy. We must build the Southern Fence because that is from where the flood is coming. And with ambitious, hard working Latinos also come drug runners and criminals. Our Law Enforcement Officers should be encouraged to send back those they find, not restricted from reporting their presence during the commission of crimes.

At a time of economic downturn, The Party in Power has chosen to give CEO's a Trillion Dollars but has steadfastly refused to pay for controlling our Borders. Congress believes they can fool the American People. They commit the Nation but withhold the funds. We have seen this as they sent Our Military to Iraq and then attempted to blackmail Our Nation by withholding the budget for tools and people the General needed. We have seen this in their approval of the Fence but not the funds to build it.

The fringes of the extremes control The Party in Power. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi & Barack Obama have not only the reins of Government but the Whip to keep their membership in line. The Party of Kennedy is not the Party of Obama. When Our Forefathers embraced the DNC, it was very different than it is today.

The New York Elitists, California Idealists, and Chicago Politicians are firmly in control of The Party in Power and continue to roadblock prevention and enable illegals. Given their resistance to Voter Registration and Identification while they enable Illegal Immigration, I question their motives particularly in the aftermath of ACORN allegations. As one Middle Tennessee Resident observed, some in the lines could not even understand the questions of a reporter about the election, because they didn't speak English.

The Party in Power roadblocks Border Security and Election Integrity while promoting CEO bailouts and Illegal Immigrant use of our taxpayer money. They investigate Baseball Parties while ignoring National Security.

Our Congress is out of control and it is time we sent a Common Sense Veteran, a true Representative of the People of Middle Tennessee to remind them of what this Nation was built on, a Common Sense Citizen that understands why so many wish to come here.

It is time that Our Federal Government got back to National Business rather than Baseball Parties, propping up the golden parachutes of failed CEO's, and enabling Illegals. It is time that the American People again attained their rightful place in governance.
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