Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spending Your Money!

Earmarks come at a cost. To get those earmarks that make one popular for bringing the money home, you have to give to others that wish to build their popularity at home. "You scratch my back or I won't scratch your back."

Never let it be said Our Tennessee Representatives are not generous.

We are sending money to the Abyssinian Development Corporation in Harlem. http://earmarks.omb.gov/2008-earmarks/earmark_347446.html Congress sent $143,000 to the Corporation. Nickels and Dimes in comparison to what we pay in interest alone on the National Debt, but is it really the best use of our money when we borrow more money than we pay in interest?

True, that amount won't cover the organizations lobbyist expenses http://www.nyc.gov/lobbyistsearch/search?client=Abyssinian+Development+Corporation but when rich Senators like Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer have the power to make the Taxpayers of Tennessee pay, why would they dip into their own pockets to fund the millions it costs to run an organization that has tens of millions of dollars in NY real estate? http://www.adcorp.org/fh2005.pdf

A Non-Profit Organization like that needs money to help offset the $180,000 they paid to lobby for a Speedway on Staten Island, New York and to lobby HUD to return their status. Or was it to help fund the $30,000 lobbyist bill to get the Medicaid rates changed by the Office of Management & Budget? Or the money they needed to pay lobbyists to the Fire Marshall's office?

No, none of these were listed as justification by the Senators, but the Lobbyist bills for ADC are 12 pages long and in the Millions and we are footing the bill, because for MTSU to get 87 cents of your taxdollars back, our delegation is spending $119.62 for their NY taskmasters and others that demand a toll for projects like this one.

With $7.76+ Million dollars in rental income classified as Section 8, they need money to lobby the HUD to keep their government money rolling in.

And that is why we need to send a Common Sense Congressman from Tennessee to say "NO!" The Citizens of Celina should not be forced to pay for Multi-Million dollar projects in New York nor for the lobbyists that get them approved by NY City Commissioners.

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