Thursday, November 6, 2008

Voter Registration & ACORN

There is NO excuse for election fraud in this Nation. We can track the exact location of millions of packages sent by UPS & FEDEX around the world, getting text message and email alerts seconds after the deliveries. We have provided free and fair elections to 3rd World Nations on the far side of the globe, using the technologies of those lands.

It is long past time that we eliminate the possibility of voter fraud here. It is time we brought voter registration into the 21st Century. And in the process, we can make it more user friendly.

The Military ID card contains a microchip which when read and in conjunction with a password can access their full records online. Credit & Debit Cards have a magnetic strip which can access financial accounts from anywhere on earth with an ATM or store with a card reader. We can schedule bill payments online from any internet connection months in advance.

Why are we still carrying a paper voter registration with only a signature to verify our identity? Why is it still possible for a criminal to register to vote multiple times in multiple districts? Why is it possible for ACORN to defraud the American People? Why is ACORN getting government funding? Why are people voting from the grave and children and pets registering to vote?

Is it possibly Corruption? Could it be that members of both parties turn their eyes away from the voter fraud because they know it will also expose their side? Powerful Political Machines have been built in places like Chicago that benefit the elitists.

I propose a new nationally recognized voter identification with a microchip and a magnetic strip. This card in coordination with a PIN (similiar to that on a Debit Card) would be usable at ANY voting booth, whether a Texan visiting family in Nashville or a Soldier serving in Afghanistan. It would have the voter's picture, their signature, and Voter ID # on it. It could be coordinated with their State Identification or Driver's License.

When a voter inserted the card into a voting machine, whether a chip reader or swipe style, it would ask for their PIN. Upon verification, the selections from their district would appear on the screen. The system would cross-reference with Social Security for deaths and State Records for residence. And it would be a simple process to change your registration when you moved. There would be no need to replace the card unless it became unreadable.

How to pay for it? Simple: with the money currently given to ACORN from your tax dollars.

What about those overseas? The Military would be issued voting machines. It is long past time that those that Serve Our Nation be assured of their rights to vote. Our Embassies would be issued voting machines. Citizens living and working abroad could vote there. And each person would be afforded ONE vote, not 70 by ACORN.

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